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Event Rules

Airsoft is based on HONESTY, RESPECT AND HONOUR.

HONESTY: When you are hit, you tell yourself the truth, "someone got the better of me". Next time you will get the better of that player!

RESPECT: Airsoft is an activity shared by very passionate people who all share the same appreciation for something that gives you so much pleasure. Treat each other with respect!

HONOUR: Do not disgrace yourself or your fellow players. Play with dignity at all times. Do not let yourself down and help ensure the quality of the game is at it’s best at all times.


As soon as you have been hit – You must shout clearly and audibly “HIT”.

This must be followed by raising an arm above your head and standing up. Then apply your dead rag! You may move out of the line of fire but otherwise stay still.

DEAD MEN DON'T SPEAK. This includes the use of any communication equipment, pointing or indicating a direction with their head.


Once hit you must then call out for a Medic if you wish to be saved.

If the tactical situation dictates that it is not the best option to call for a medic, then you may opt to stay silent and bleed out.

If a medic has seen you and can get to you they may medic you.

The medic can drag and pull you to cover before applying a bandage.

1st HIT, (flesh wound) - Each player will carry their own medi-kit (Bandage). Once HIT a player will need to call for a medic to apply that bandage. Any player can apply this bandage!

2nd HIT - (Incapacitating wound) - On the second hit ONLY the team medic can apply the bandage. Each fire team will also have a dedicated medic who will carry red bandages.

3rd HIT – BACK TO REGEN – Remove and leave any spare bandages at regen for the medics to restock and remember to carry your own!


If a player has been hit and cannot be saved by a medic, then the player should bleed out after 5 minutes and return to the designated regen point. Keep your dead rags on while moving to regen when dead.



Pyro is available on site however if you are bringing pyro with you please notify a marshal or member of staff first so that we can confirm its use!

We allow MK5 Thunderflash, Ball Grenades, BFG, Thermobarics, Smoke Grenades. If in doubt speak to a member of staff – we love things that go bang but safety is a priority and anyone using pyro not approved will be asked to leave the site.

All grenades are classed as FRAGMENTATION grenades and have a HIT radius of 5 metres.

Hard Cover must protect your entire body from the blast radius of the grenade.

Smoke is for cover only – it is not GAS!